Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ch ch ch ch Changes!

Hey everybody!

Its been along time since I've posted and we've had a couple of changes of here at the Mascoutin Valley.  Big Changes!  I was going to provide a tutorial on creating cheap and easy method for pulpwood log loads but I figured I'd catch everyone up to speed as to why I haven't posted much lately.

New Engineer in Training

Welcome Henry Aaron Dorsch!  He's the newest edition to the Mascoutin Valley Railroad.  Born August 9th, 2016.  He has been a wonderful addition to the family!  He is a healthy baby boy who is already learning the basics about model railroading!  ;-)

Henry (3 Months) and his best buddy Barnaby.

Layout Update

Trackwork Complete at the Mine

Track is complete and switch machines operational.  I've run a couple of trains over the tracks to test operation theory and the quality of the track work.  No derailments!  I still need to do more testing with different types of rolling stock.  But for now it looks like all my locomotives will run right through the mine!

So here is a picture of Iron Ore Pellet Plant Module with bullfrogs installed.

Fascia Painted with Bullfrogs installed.

First Ore Jenny

I've started creating my Mascoutin Valley Ore Jenny Fleet.  I stripped down some old MDC/Roundhouse Jennies and repainted them in "ugly green."  They don't have to be pretty, they are going to get weathered pretty heavily. 

Here's a picture of the production line for the jennies. 
Stripped down and repainted Jennies.

Here's a finished one - Weathered up.

MVRR 102 - First Road Specific Ore Jenny

Next Steps

Start scenery and structures for mine!  Look at this sweet mock-up I made with cardboard!  This mock-up may result in being the skeleton for the structure of the mine.  I saw a technique recently that used cardboard as the walls and then styrene was a "laminate" over the cardboard.  This could save me tons of time!

Iron Ore Pellet Plant - Styrofoam Stock Pile and a 12-pack represents the Pellet Plant
At some point I should post a revised track plan.  I'm pretty good with the one I have now, just need to finish it in Adobe Illustrator and make an electronic file to upload.

I want to thank everyone for reading and following along.  Its going to be interesting how Henry fits into the railroad!

Be sure to check out my facebook page!  Winter is coming so that means its "back to the basement!" Work on the layout and equipment will be at an awesome rate! I am posting updates multiple times per week so check it out and please provide feedback!

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Please post question and comments!  I will get back to you!

Thanks for reading!  Until next time keep 'er in Notch 8!


  1. So Andy, you never mentioned: is Henry DCC with sound equipped or is he just DC with no sound? I bet you I already know what Kristen would say...

  2. Joe - full sound! Haven't figured out his CVs to turn down the volume yet.

  3. I love your basset! We used to have one and she would always be around when I was working on my train projects.