Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Building a Free-Mo Corner Module

Corner Module construction

Down on the Corner

I had recently finished putting the foam sub roadbed on my three yard modules and had just started to lay the track plan on the sub roadbed.  It was looking like I could get away with making the yard and not the junction module, saving me time and potentially space.  In theory, everything looked to support this strategy, life was good.  Then I put the actual turnouts for the yard in place, I quickly found that reality and strategy did not match.  Its funny how a track plan never really lines up to what you can create.  That was the catalyst in getting me to build the junction corner module.  Should have just stuck to the plan in the first place and not tried to take a short cut!!!  By the end of the weekend I was able to plan and build the framework for the corner module!

Check out this video on the behind the scenes of making the module:

The Cornerstone - Making a Plan

The plan for the corner module was to too difficult to create.  I basically transposed a frame work over the track plan I had created in AnyRail.  I added some cross braces to ensure the frame would be ridged and I identified what dimensions of plywood would need to be cut to create the corner.

The corner in question

Corner Construction 

Cut the lumber -  I like to use a miter saw and table saw.  You can perform cuts with a handheld circular saw if a miter saw and table saw are not available!  Always MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE!  If you cut a board too short you are S-O-L.  They don’t make a tool that stretches boards.

Always measure twice!

Use Kreg Jig – I like to pre drill all my holes in the lumber using the Kreg Jig pocket screw jig.  This method allows you to screw into a face perpendicular to the board and hide the screws and do a dry run to make sure they line up before I fasten any of them together.

Square it up – It is important to make sure that all of the corners are “square.” If your corners are off by a considerable amount it will make it difficult to connect your module to other modules and may throw off the dimensions of the bigger layout!

Need to add the corner brace

Shore it up – I added cross members and bracing to endure that the frame stayed true and would not twist with handling.  It is important that the frame work provide some rigidity so it can be a good foundation for the foam sub roadbed.

It works!  Standing up and connected to the rest of the yard!

What's next?

Now that the Corner is up and connects nicely to the rest of the modules I’ve built its time to put foam on the corner and get the track on this.  Goal is to be running trains on the corner junction and yard by Halloween!!!

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