Sunday, November 29, 2015

G's and D's

Hey Gang!

So we have the concept down.  Now its time to start filling the space.  Right now I have a room in my basement that is 11 x 16 feet.  So how do I start filling it?  What part of the Mascoutin Valley ends up on my model railroad?  Its time to make a list and do a little planning before the first parts of the benchwork get constructed.  Its time for the dreaded GIVENS and DRUTHERS!

The Givens and Druthers list that is not a new concept.  Its been around since the first cavemen made the made the first model railroads out of rocks and sticks.  Its a list of things your railroad must have, can't live with out (Givens)! And a list of things that are nice-to-haves (Druthers).   This list will be the starting blocks of how I will construct my model railroad.

  • Aisle space of at least 30 inches.  Even though I'd love to just fill up the room with gobs and gobs of track I don't want to be sucking in my gut just to operate trains!
  • Must have an Iron/Taconite Mine.  I am a sucker for those little ore jennies.
  • The sub roadbed must be 3/4 inch plywood.  This may seem a little ridiculous but I've started two layouts this year and both had 1/2" plywood.  Both were warped twisted and now in the garbage.  Plywood that is 3/4 inch has more plies so it is stronger and less opportunity to warp and bend.  
  • I must have a staging yard.  
  • My locomotive roster will be made up of prototypical engines.  Either bought or leased from existing railroads or second had locomotive dealers.
  • Construction will be done in a modular fashion.  Baby steps to keep it manageable.  Don't break off too much layout at one time.  
  • A second major industry - Paper Mill?
  • Hand Laid Track except in staging.
  • Variation in Rail Traffic.  Not just Ore Trains.
  • Yard Switching.
  • Prototypical car movements and train documentation.
With this list identified we can get started with construction.  The first section of layout we'll be constructing is the Iron Mine/Taconite Plant.  I'll discuss that in the next posting.

Till Next time keep 'er in Notch 8!

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