Monday, November 9, 2015

Radical Sabbatical

Hello Gang!

I’ve been back in the hobby of Model Railroading for about a year now after taking a long break from it (15 Year Sabbatical).  The "Radical Sabbatical" was inspired by the usual suspects.  Sports, Cars, Girls and College pretty much consumed my teens and twenties.  But now that I'm at the ripe age of 34 its time to have "Real Fun."  Its time to come back to the hobby.  So what do you do when you get back into model a layout.

 *Insert Pictures of Beer Cans and party scene*

The point of this blog is I want to document my journey.  This is the starting point.  There will be mistakes.  There will be improvements.  Not only to the blog but my modeling.  There is one and only one rule of this blog...HAVE FUN. 

The Concept

I feel that it is important to define a concept of the model railroad that I want to construct.  The world I want to create.  I have have to credit Mike Confalone and his Allagash Railway for giving me this idea.  If you haven't seen any of his work I would really recommend that you check him out.  Either through Model Railroad Hobbyist or Trainmaster's TV.  It is a wonderful model railroad.  And I think it is my favorite.  (Gushing and Digression Aside) The Mascoutin Valley Railroad is a proto-freelanced HO Scale model railroad based in Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan.  It's set in the early 1980's.  I chose this because...I know it.  I lived it.  I grew up with the Chicago and Northwestern Marshline Branch Line in my back yard!

My Space - For a Railroad

Picture 1 - The Room Space
Picture 1 shows the space I have.  It is an 11x16 foot room in my basement.  It is a cinder block basement wall painted tan? Its lit by a dual lamp ceiling fixture and has an exhaust fan in it.  It is has an cigarette smoke outline of a dartboard on one of the walls.  I'm building a model railroad in a former party room?!?!?!  OK, I know, the room needs work. 
So that's it.  That's where we're starting.  We have a room and a concept!

Till next time, keep 'er in notch 8!

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