Saturday, April 8, 2017

Oh Lord! Stuck in 'Groveland' again!

Mascoutin Valley Railroad March/April Update:

TOMA!  TOMA!  TOMA!  (Toga! Toga! Toga!)

I’ve been bitten by the module bug.  Hard.  I’ve been looking at my current layout and the state that it is in and realized that even though I tried to build it in a modular fashion, it really wasn’t modular.  I lacked the discipline to not allow “scope creep” in and ended up building a bunch of bench work and having this daunting massive layout in front of me. 

I’ve made enough progress on the layout, where we have the track laid down, and I was able to start running trains.  And I started to see some of the flaws in the design.  It is really important to take the advice of others especially when it comes to layout design.  You never think of how trains flow around the layout or having more than one person standing in an aisle when you’re designing and constructing.  I lost myself in the moment and the short term goal of getting something running.
Possible Yard Designs
The Rebirth Begins

Check out this video of the "rebirth" in progress MVRR Layout Update 003.
So it is back to the drawing board.  I’m thinking of a redesign where I construct a layout of modules, Free-Mo Modules.  The appeal of being able to work on one small section at a time vs. having a whole room sized layout along with the portability to potentially take my stuff to shows is a what put me over the top on the redesign.  I think that the most important part of the  

Track Plan of the yard for the first modules

Free-Mo Module Yard Design

MVRR Layout trackplan version 2.1.

Overall layout design

What's next?

Next steps build some modules!  I'm pretty excited to get started transforming my layout into a more modular set up.  It should be an "easy" transition where I just have to lower the frame work and build some boxes for the modules.  The goal for May is to have one section of one module build.  That is if yardwork doesn't creep up on me.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page!  Even though spring is upon us there is still time to work on the layout!!! Who knows you may even see a few pictures of the fish I catch when I'm not working on the layout! I am posting updates about once per week so check it out and please provide feedback!

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Thanks for reading!  Until next time keep 'er in Notch 8!

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  1. Sound thinking.Free mo is great for a number of factors. Namely building in bite size chunks that can be swapped or move to your next home.Remember to plan carefully and minimize the number of rails crossing joints. This will be the largest challenge.